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George and Issac are thrilled to share this news with you! A lovely friend called Faye Hayden has written a book about some incredible children and their lives …. and it includes George & Issac!
Every child requires the same things, a safe home, nutrition, love, respect, hope, to be included and valued. Sadly when children have a terminal disease , disability, sensory processing difficulties or are considered “different” in any way, they face far more challenges than the majority of society. Despite this, have you noticed that they never complain? 🧡🧡🧡
Faye is a trailblazer and advocate for inclusion.
Inclusion does not mean that people want “extras”, they just want “the same opportunities” as everyone else. In the Republic of Ireland we go on and on about the constitution of the child and yet at every turn children (and adults), that are “different” are neglected, ignored, labelled as “disabled”, often not even thought about and worst of all segregated. I will not even mention The Human Rights Act 🙄
We have a responsibility to educate each other, our families, our communities and our children that this issue matters; all children matter.
Faye is selflessly using this project to raise awareness for all these amazing children and their incredible lives as well as The Trust and the catastrophic disease that is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
This is a must read for us all.
All proceeds from “United We Play” will be donated to www.joinourboys.org .
This book is a perfect gift for anyone and should be on every classroom in the country.
Special thanks to Ryan Fouracre, a talented artist/illustrator that has gifted the images free of charge to the project.
Faye, we are idebted to you and on behalf of us all, sincere and heartfelt thanks.


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