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Archie is now 11 years old, and his nick name is Ra Ra. He is, and always has been a very content, happy and sociable little boy. He loves to laugh and has a wonderful sense of humour. Whilst he has many gifts, perhaps, the greatest is his tenacity! His favourite things in the whole wide world include, his friends; soccer; rugby; hurling; Gaelic; school; his teachers; cooking; ice cream and cake! His ambition is to be a professional Goal Keeper; to play rugby for Connaught & Ireland! He is the most fantastic, caring role model to his brothers and loves them very much. Archie is our angel and is loved & adored very much, by his whole family and his many friends.

George is six years old and is an identical twin. His nickname is GG. He is a wonderful caring child, who from a very early age has been able to anticipate, and be sensitive to the needs of others. He loves to laugh with everyone and he is a little comic. George loves going to the park; playing with tractors and farm animals; drawing; painting; helping others; house work; blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek, baking and eating cake! He loves his brothers; his toy ducks and his red blanket that Nana made him! He is also obsessed with going to church and lighting candles When he grows up George wants to be a chef! George is one of our greatest gifts and is loved & adored very much, by his whole family and many friends.

Isaac is George’s other half! His nickname is Teddy. He is a gorgeous, sensitive little boy who loves cuddles and kisses! Isaac loves going to the park with George, He is obsessed with sharks; Teddy bears; football; chasing birds and cats; anything that involves water and mud; blowing bubbles, painting and cooking. He is also obsessed with going to the Church & lighting candles! Isaac has great rhythm and enjoys all types of music and dancing. He is particularly partial to biscuits & cakes, especially the ones that Marian Nolan bakes for him! When he grows up Isaac wants to be a bin man! Isaac is one of our many blessings and is loved & adored very much, by his whole family and many friends.


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